Monday, January 9, 2012

My Life as a Dropped Stitch

Corporate photos are deceiving. They make me look like I have it all together. "Trust me with that multi-billion dollar account because I know how to match my necklace to my suit jacket". The purpose of these photos at my Fortune 500 employer is to remind the executives who I am at bonus time because they may not actually know my name. Welcome to corporate America.

In reality, I often feel more like a dropped stitch in the knitting project of life. Things are cruising along just fine and then without even knowing it, a big gaping hole appears. The big question is what to do next. Do I rip out the entire 4 rows of knitting to erase any indication that the slipped stitch ever happened? Or do I repair the miss, even if I will still see the repaired flaw every time I wear the scarf?

I am a ripper. Make it go away. Perfect it. Start over.

Yesterday I had these grand plans to start the 21-day Vegan Kickstart Program and follow it through painstakingly for the full 3 weeks. I made it to lunch. Dinner was at a football party, with football party food. I started with the veggie tray and ended with a miniature cheesecake. Don't ask about what was in between those two. Hint: it was not good for my arteries, or the environment, and probably involved a mistreated cow. I actually weighed the fact that if I die a day sooner because of it, it was worth it. It was that good.

But today is a new day. A fresh start. A corporate photo. It's all good. Bring on the soymilk!

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